Why isn't Rainbot responding to me?

  • First of all, you should check if Rainbot has permission to view the channel, if this is not the case then she may be under maintenance mode.

Rainbot is offline, what do I do?

If Rainbot is ever offline, then please wait. The developers will be aware that Rainbot is offline and will be working to resolve the issue.

Are there any premium features?

  • No. Rainbot is completely free, and she will remain this way forever. But, if you do wish to donate to Rainbot for special perks, please direct message me.

I have a suggestion for Rainbot, where do I submit it?

  • If you have any suggestions for Rainbot, please post them in the suggestions channel which can be found at the bottom of the server.

Oh no, Rainbot is broken. What do I do?

  • If you think that you have found an issue with Rainbot, please visit the support channel and report the issue so that the developers and/or support team can assist you.